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A Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) is a movement based program helping younger athletes focus on balance, movement and coordination. This is a non-competitive, fun program designed to develop perceptual judgements and ultimately prepare the brain for learning. Our program incorporates both fitness and components of music, dance and cheerleading, keeping students engaged and building skills for their future!

Our PMP is divided into 3 age groups:

18MTHS - 2.5 YRS - 30min session:

This class focuses on the overall coordination and locomotor skills of our students. We incorporate age appropriate music and games to engage our athletes whilst integrating activities to compliment the curriculum for the respective age group. 


2.5YRS - 4YRS - 30min session:

This class is designed to enhance the foot/eye coordination and movement of our athletes. We incorporate age appropriate fitness and strength components as we introduce basic dance and tumble skills (forward rolls etc.). This class is a great intro into cheerleading, creating familiarity with movements and skills whilst in a safe and exciting environment. 

4-5YRS - 30-45min session:

This class is structured to improve balance, overall coordination and faster paced movements among our students. We incorporate strength and stamina elements while actively engaging with our students through dance, games and music. Additionally, this class is a great intro into cheerleading as we begin to incorporate basic dance, tumble and motion elements.  

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