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Sheriffs take on NCA & Cheersport

Make way! The Outlaws Sheriffs are in town! A few weeks ago, we jetted off to the United States with our sister club Cheer Factor to compete at Cheersport and NCA. We loved travelling with (Cheer Factor) Prime and we are so thankful we could share this experience with them as well as our friends from East Coast All Stars.

​It was a intense few weeks leading up to the competitions, we put all of our energy into our trainings and working on performing our best routine. Cheersport was up first, we were in a pretty big division of 11 teams. Day one we placed fourth and Day 2 we pulled it together to get a final placing of third. Not bad out of 11 teams! Next up was NCA, we were so lucky to be able to train at both Stingray All Stars and Cheer Athletics in preparation for both of these competitions. Day 1 was a great run, we hit ZERO! 0️⃣ Day 2 wasn't our best run but we still worked together as a team, pushed right through until the end and we were awarded with second place as our final placing!

It has been an amazing trip so far and now that the hard work is finished we can enjoy the rest of our time here and visit DISNEYLAND. We can't wait to get back home and start training for the Australian competition season!

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