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Since taking the world by storm in the early 2000’s, Parkour has grown rapidly in popularity, famous for it's thrilling and adrenaline charged nature. Comprised of elements including running, vaulting, jumping and climbing, Parkour aims to move rapidly through an area, tackling any obstacles along the way. Our classes also focus on Free-Running. Similar to parkour, free-running involves using obstacles to perform flips and tricks, moving through an environment with eye catching flair.

Click the link below to see some of our coaches displaying some skills students may progress to in class.


Parkour is known to boost confidence, resilience, foster creativity, build strength and over all fitness and so much more! We offer specialised classes suited for ages 6-18 at our Bayswater Location, so make sure you give one of our friendly receptionist a call to book in for a free trial class!

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