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Beginning over 35 years ago, Rosemary Sims-James created a little gem of a dance school that flourished and produced many wonderful dancers. Old students who we know today, have become professional dancers, teachers, performers and people who just love to dance! FUN FACT: Chantelle first set foot in the studio nearly 30 years ago… as a 3 year old! 


Since the beginning, Dancers edge has been a reputable school, priding itself on building strong dancers, both in skill and technique. We have always been a home away from home, giving students the opportunity to not only dance for fun, but to build careers in the industry.  


In the mid 2000’s, Dancers Edge expanded to home Outlaws All Stars, where Rosemary found her passion for a new craze, Cheerleading! She gained as much knowledge about the sport as possible from as many experts as she could, as well as pulling knowledge from her own background in dancing. 


In 2012, after many years of teaching, Rosemary decided it was time to take a step in a different direction and was proud to have the legacy of Dancers Edge and Outlaws Allstars live on through her step son David and his wife Chantelle. It was then that Outlaws All Stars was born, forming a cohesive All Star family for out Cheerleading and Dance programs. David and Chantelle have since used their passion and solid foundations gained from years of experience as both athletes and coaches to take their program to the next level. 


Since then, Outlaws All Stars has constantly grown and improved each year, becoming extremely competitive within Australian and international competitions. David and Chantelle, along with their team of highly skilled and passionate staff, are dedicated to making Outlaws All Stars a place of inspiration and enrichment for their students. Nothing makes them prouder than seeing students reach their goals and attain skills and lessons that will last a lifetime. 


Outlaws All stars frequently welcomes international guests as coaches and students, and strives to give their students the opportunity to learn about sports and lives from different perspectives. With a dedication to excellence, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and experience the joys that Cheerleading and Dance can bring. This program has a unique focus on physical, mental and overall health, creating an environment that feels like a second home for their students. 

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