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Welcome to our Business Hub page!
This page is of all the businesses we support, trust & love so much that we wanted to pass their details onto you! 


Perfect Pony Melbourne


With the comp season coming up, it's a perfect time to start thinking about purchasing your Perfect Pony! These hair attachments make it so quick and easy to get the ideal, voluminous ponytail so that's one less thing you need to worry about on competition day! 

We highly recommend this product as this way it will guarantee you have the Perfect Pony for all competitions for the entire season, and you won't need to tear at your hear trying to get the best tease possible. 

Contact Katrina by heading to the Perfect Pony Melbourne Facebook or Instagram page.


**This item is not compulsory to have, it simply makes getting that perfect comp pony 100x easier!** 

Posh Pony Photo.jpeg

AirTrack Australia


AirTrak is a local business that specialises in supplying superior quality airTraks to cheerleading clubs, sporting organisations, schools and retail customers Australia wide. Our airTrak's are made from professional gym quality durable material that makes the airTrak versatile for gym, home, indoor and outdoor applications. Striving to deliver the best service and highest quality is the core of our business.

Since our products are being used on a daily basis for many years, quality is crucial. Before a product leaves the factory, it is tested extensively on many different aspects. Please direct any interest to our website that is now live with Outlaws branding and the club discount with be applied on checkout with the code “outlaws”. 

ph 0438 807 800


airTrak Pro Image.png

True Health Solutions 


Whilst providing chiropractic services to the wider community over the last 20 years, our interest and understanding of health has evolved to capture a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  The focus of sports chiropractic is to provide care in the conservative management, rehabilitation and performance optimisation of the neuromusculoskeletal system for athletes. Sports chiropractors are also strongly driven to participate in a multi-disciplinary sports injury care environment to help provide the best care for each athlete. 


At True Health Solutions we try to find a true solution to your health needs through expert advice, examination to uncovering the underlying cause of the health problem with suggested care plan to produce the fastest results possible.  We offer ways patients can participate in their recovery and explain the value of post systematic wellness care.


Contact us


Facebook: -  

Carton Clinic - Phone: 03 9387 4061

Hampton Clinic -Phone: 03 9555 9005

True Health Soutions.png

Cheerleading Pony Pampers

Has your pony been sitting in its box since your last competition and do you think it looks ok? Think again. This pony thought it looked ok too until it came to me for a pamper. Talk about a change and can be a game-changer on that competition floor.

Make your uniform look its best from top and toe. Pamper that pony and give it a breath of fresh air it needs.


All Cheerleading Pony Pampers are given care instructions when they are returned and it definitely makes a huge difference following them to get the best life out of your pony.

Contact Louise 

PH: 0419771654



LED lit Shadow Boxes

Fully custom built shadow boxes with internal LED strip lighting (battery operated). Standard size: 600w x 900h x 65d.

Any custom size or other requirements are happily accommodated. Any enquiry welcomed.

David Pica

Ph: 0418 178 138


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