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Strength Training & Injury Prevention is crucial for athletes, listed below is a strength training program designed to reduce athletes injuries & build strength 7 stability within these muscle groups. Athlete health is so important to us, and we encourage working regularly with a physiotherapist /chiropractor to keep athletes bodies in top shape! We suggest the following workouts to be done at home 3-4 times a week, please ask your coaches if you are confused on any of these exercises.


50 Calf Raises

(toes & heels together, extending and squeezing for 2 seconds at the top)

25 Rubber Band Ankle Pulls on each leg

(rubber band on ball of foot, pointing toes w/ 2 second hold)

50 Seated Flexed Feet

(seated in pike position, flexing feet and lifting heel off of the ground) 


1 Minute Glute Bridge per leg 

(lie on back, bend knees, toes up, hips lifted, arms behind head, knees together) 

25 Reverse Lunges 

(stepping backwards, hands on hips, large steps)

25 Hamstring Push Up

(on knees, partner holding ankles, slowly falling to hands, then push up, throw fingers/arms behind ears)

20 Clam shells ea side
With elastic around knees

25 Clock Touches 

(on back, arms in T motion, legs straight, touching at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, & 9 o’clock)

1 Minute Plank Hold

50 Bird Dogs 

(On hands & knees, extending left arm & right leg, then right arm & left leg)

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down (laying on your stomach, arms extended, forehead on the floor)

40 in Touchdown (20 Thumbs Up, 20 Thumbs Down)

40 in High V (20 Thumbs Up, 20 Thumbs Down)

40 in T Motion (20 Thumbs Up, 20 Thumbs Down)

40 in Low V  (20 Thumbs Up, 20 Thumbs Down)


1 Minute Plank Hold
(Forward, Left Side, Right Side, Backward)

25 Candlestick Tuck Jumps 

25 Windshield Wipers
(on back, arms in T motion, straight legs, moving in clockwise/counterclockwise circles without touching the ground) 


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