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All policies are set out in our handbook which is on our App & is also emailed to each athlete upon enrolment, It can referenced to at any time regarding what is happening throughout the year and the correct process to follow for any situation.


Policies included in the club handbook include:

  • Absences

  • Code of Conduct

  • Important Club Dates

  • Appropriate training/competition clothing

  • Private class information

  • Tumble and Flyers classes


We love and appreciate each and every student in our program, so to ensure the progression/ safety and enjoyment of others all policies will be strictly adhered to.

Hot Weather Policy 

Due to the fact that we have a few fairly hot days in February, we have a Hot Weather Policy outlined below that will be followed. 
This will be implemented when the temperature is at least 37 degrees outside or hotter. 

- Classes will still be run as normal, however we will provide many water breaks. 

- Coaches will monitor athletes much more closely for any signs of over heating, and if they notice signs, will have the athletes have some rest, and adjust the class activities appropriately. 

- Class plans will be adjusted to reduce the intensity & ensure athletes are still able to learn, but in a manner appropriate for the heat. The hotter it gets, the more the activities will be adjusted. 

- We understand if you are not comfortable with your child training in these conditions; at 37+ you may choose not to bring them, however keep  in mind we do monitor much more extremely, the athletes during these times. 

- There is a strict attendance policy 2 weeks out from any competition; the heat will be a big factor in the class structure, but attendance is required. 

If you have any further questions on our heat policy, please contact and she will be happy to help. 

Policy on Changing Clubs

Those wishing to change clubs for any reason; we suggest that you do this once your season is over. We want to encourage students to be loyal to their club for a full season; once you have committed to a club for a season, we encourage you to follow it through to the end of the year to enable the coaches to show you the full benefit of what they can offer you as an athlete. It can severely affect all the students on your team if you decide to not follow through right before a competition.

If you are unhappy with what you have experienced at any club, we encourage you to talk it out and communicate with your coaches along the way, and allow them a full opportunity to rectify anything before exploring further options. If you do decide to make a change for whatever reason, we encourage you to do it in a way that will affect the team as little as possible and finish out any upcoming obligations you committed to upon enrolment.

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