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Our first Worlds Globe!

We are so incredibly proud to congratulate our very own Outlaws Notorious for placing 2nd in the 2019 IASF Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando, Florida.

This was such an incredible first time achievement for our club, and the first time an Australian team has Globed in our division and level.

After 4 months of intense training, the team's hard work paid off in one incredible weekend at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.

Sitting in 3rd place after an incredible day one performance, the team was excited to go into day two, putting in the last few bits of training they could in preparation for their final performance.

Their final performance, full of heart and determination, had some minor performance errors, leaving the team unsure of where they would place in their highly competitive division.

After the team had competed, the coaches brought them in to tell them how proud they were with the performance and how proud they were of them.

As it came time for the awards, the team was called onto the stage as one of the top 10 teams in the division.

Gathered closely holding hands with one another the placings began to be called. 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th… still they hadn’t been called.

As each team was announced, they celebrated their achievements then left the floor with their trophy, while Notorious were growing more anxious & excited about their placing.

Finally, 4th place was called and it wasn’t Notorious; that was the moment they knew they finally GLOBED at Worlds!

The next announcement of 3rd came along, and the team in a group huddle already in tears, exploded into excitement as their name was called out! They were the bronze champions for their division!

The team jumped around and screamed as hundreds of Aussies at home joined them in their celebrations of tears and excitement!

They had done it! They Globed; after many years of going to Worlds, moving up little by little each year, this was finally the year! The team then spent the next hours celebrating their achievements with each other and their loved ones who had flown in to support them. After many months of hard work the trip was over, ending with huge success, and the athletes headed home.

However upon arrival back in Australia, while some athletes and coaches were still travelling in the US, they received notification that there was an error in the results, and that Notorious were actually Silver medalists. The team were ecstatic; after being already so excited for their 3rd placing, to receive 2nd was unbelievable, and will be celebrated by the team with a dinner when their new medals and globe arrive to Australia!

It was an incredible trip with a team full of amazing athletes; their achievements are well deserved & we are so proud of each and everyone of them!

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