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The Battle is won!

What can we say other than what a fun weekend this has been. As a club we definitely didn't have the best Day 1 but all coaches and teams pulled together for a really strong Day 2 and this is what the #LTNLTL family is all about, supporting and helping each other out.

The results were something we are really proud of but even more, this weekend was all about how well we pulled tighter as a club and how much the athletes absolutely loved their time performing in something they love, and how how much passion our coaches have for making their athletes the best they can be.

We're so proud of our coaches for not only bringing such a great energy to their teams but also the same energy to other LTNLTL teams to make sure they felt the love before they went on the floor. We're also really proud of our athletes for putting on some really spectacular routines they can be so proud of as they learnt how to work together in such a great sport, and for really helping to bring out the best in each other on and off the floor.

On a side note, we also want to congratulate our sister gym Cheer Factor All Stars for taking home Small Gym Grand Champion title for Level 3 and 5. It's only been 1.5 years since we started working together and to see them keep evolving, flourishing, and growing to love the sport even more is so rewarding!

We can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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